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Dental implants — the high-tech treatment that helps you smile with confidence

Advances in treatment technology along with increasing availability mean that aesthetic dental treatments are becoming more popular. 

One in four people in Britain have now had some sort of cosmetic dentistry — like tooth whitening and veneers.

But others prefer dental implants — it’s worth considering the ways this technique offers a more robust result for replacing unattractive teeth, helping you smile with confidence.

Long-lasting solutionDental Implants

The treatment involves placing a titanium implant into your jawbone, so the artificial teeth placed on top won’t move while you’re eating or talking — just like the real thing. 

Choosing a niche provider like Artis Dental & Implant Studio means you can be confident the procedure is carried out in comfortable surroundings by expert staff with over 20 years of experience.

And state of the art equipment and top quality implants are the final two factors that combine to give you peace of mind — this is a solution that’s long-lasting and looks great.

The procedure

If you have healthy gums and a strong bone structure, there should be no problem fitting implants. But even if this isn’t the case, it’s possible in some cases to harvest the requisite bone to make the treatment feasible.

  • Implants are attached to your jaw under local anaesthetic and they take between two to six months to fuse to your jaw.
  • Once the process is finished, it’s time to take impressions and attach fixtures. Technicians craft the new teeth to your specifications and they’re then attached to the implants.
  • The end result is a natural look that’s completely comfortable and can last for a very long time, provided you follow the professional aftercare advice you’ll be provided with.

Clinicians in a reputable practice undergo training on a rolling basis and attend worldwide conferences to ensure their procedures are incorporating the latest technological advances.

And dental implant technology has advanced rapidly over the past few years — the procedure has even been carried out by robots, although we believe most customers still prefer the human touch.

Dental implants can dramatically boost your confidence by providing you with a smile you can be proud of.

For more information, take a look at our dedicated dental implants page or call us for a chat about treatment options on 0131 466 8206.

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