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Smile with confidence — cosmetic dentistry enhances these 5 hotspots

If you’ve been hearing more about cosmetic dentistry recently, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

But if you’re part of the two fifths of Brits unhappy with their teeth, cosmetic treatments like crowns, bridges, veneers and implants can transform your appearance and boost your confidence.

So if you want to smile with confidence again, here are five hotspots cosmetic dentistry can enhance.

1. Missing teeth

Teeth can go AWOL because of full-contact sports, accidents or decay.

But their absence can have far-reaching effects — one of them being employability.

38 per cent of job applicants fail to smile during job interviews — this negative body language might mean hiring managers overlook you for another candidate who’s not afraid to flash their teeth.

If missing teeth make you self-conscious, implants provide a great solution that will get you grinning again.

2. Crooked teeth

Crooked teeth are the ultimate turn-off when it comes to online romance — according to dating site Plenty of Fish.

They ran an experiment where single site members created two profiles each — one with a profile photo featuring pristine teeth and another doctored so they were discoloured and squint.

The profiles with attractive teeth captured 60 per cent more messages than those with dodgy dental photos.

If you want Cupid’s arrow to hit the right romantic target, porcelain veneers close unattractive gaps and make teeth look straighter and brighter.

3. Crossbites and overbites

Overbites are apparent when your upper teeth push out past and overlap lower teeth — this ages your face prematurely.

And a crossbite occurs when teeth overlap at different areas of the mouth, making your smile crooked.

Both conditions are types of malocclusions — where the teeth don’t merge together in the conventional manner.

Adult and child treatments can vary, but an Inman Aligner corrects less serious cases and creates an aesthetically-pleasing smile.

4. Facial symmetry

Scientists still haven’t worked out exactly why, but humans are subconsciously drawn to symmetry in the faces of potential partners.

We’re also attracted to symmetrical images in nature and art — so human faces might simply just fall into the same pattern.

But whatever the reasons, overcrowded or teeth can make facial features appear off-kilter — balance can be restored with facial aesthetics treatments.

5. Cheekbones and jawlines

You might not be aware of the subtle ways dental health can change your facial appearance.

Men with square jaws and strong cheekbones are regarded as attractive because these are genetic cues for good health and vitality.

And wonky teeth and warped smiles make faces appear drawn and droopy — this can sometimes be corrected with crowns and bridges.

A good cosmetic dentist can recommend the right treatment to bring the best out in your masculine features.

If you’re shy about your smile, chat to your dentist about enhancing any one of these cosmetic hotspots — you’ll soon be beaming brilliantly.

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