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Frightened of the dentist? Here are 8 tips to ease your dental fears

We’re used to the sound of the dentist drill – but we understand if it puts your teeth on edge.

According to National Smile Month, around half of all UK citizens have a fear of the dentist, ranking higher in a list of fears than vertigo.

Anyone who’s faced a sheer drop before might be amazed that an oral check-up seems scarier, but we try to be as understanding as possible to anyone with a fear of the dentist’s chair.

Without effective oral care, the likelihood of plaque, gingivitis and other serious dental issues ruining your smile is high.  

So to help you ease your fears, we’ve assembled these top tips.

Keep them in mind before you think of delaying an appointment again.

1. Talk beforehand

We’ll explain all procedures in as little or as much detail as you need to put your mind at ease. It’s good to talk, so don’t be worried to voice your apprehensions to us.

2. Bring a friend

A friend or relative is always welcome to accompany you during an appointment.

3. Always be in control

If you’re undergoing a dental procedure, you can signal to your dentist whether you’re feeling overwhelmed or in too much pain. This signal can be as simple as pointing your finger, so discuss it with your dentist beforehand to feel more in control.

4. Meet us before a check-up

Familiarity breeds comfort, so arrange to pay us a visit a few days beforehand to help allay your fears. With prior notice, we’ll be able to let you look around the surgery.

5. Check customer reviews

If you’ve had a negative experience at a dentist before, we recommend checking Google Reviews and customer testimonials on the practice you’re thinking of joining. If they’re good then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

6. Visit us regularly

For some people, a fear or dislike of the dentist comes from having undergone extensive work at some point in their life. But if you pay your dentist a visit regularly, and maintain good oral health, your treatments will be shorter and less complex.

7. Find distractions

While our dentists will be assiduously focused on your treatment, you don’t have to be.

Take every opportunity to distract yourself, especially if you’re feeling nervous. See how high you can count in your head. Think of the song you just heard on the radio. Close your eyes and plan the rest of your day. It’ll make your treatment fly by.

8. Remember you’re seeing a pro

Dentists see thousands of patients a year and are seasoned veterans by the time they’re deemed fit to work in a practice. Bear this in mind if you’re worried.

We do our best with every patient to ensure they receive the best treatment possible, whether they stride into our practice or stutter.

To book your appointment and speak with empathetic and friendly team, get in touch on 0131 466 8206.

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