Invisalign brace

Secret smile — deft and discreet dental alignment from Invisalign

As well as providing exceptional customer care, Artis Dental track the latest cosmetic dentistry treatments to offer you bespoke solutions that restore and maintain beautiful smiles.

So we’re super excited to introduce you to Invisalign — clear, non-invasive teeth aligners that are so subtle you hardly know they’re there.

How they work


Traditional fixed braces have become less unwieldy over the years, but they still have a train-track appearance that make some 

patients self-conscious — and because they take time to clean, people avoid foods that are tasty but troublesome.

But because they’re clear, custom-made Invisalign aligners allow you to smile naturally while they gradually move your teeth gently and accurately into their optimal position over the course of treatment.

And they’re removable — so you can continue your brushing and flossing regime uninterrupted and still enjoy your favourite foods.

Their patented SmartTrack material fits closely over your teeth and is so sophisticated that it can rotate as well as straighten teeth for desired results.

After you start the programme, you’ll visit us every 6-8 weeks to receive your next series of aligners. Most patients change them every two weeks and they’re worn for 22 hours per day — so results are achieved quickly.

Success stories

Invisalign has transformed the smiles of over five million satisfied patients worldwide — an impressive record of excellence.

The total length of treatment varies — but some patients report visible changes after three months and dramatic improvements after 18.

And since straighter teeth are easier to clean and floss, you can consider Invisalign an investment in your future oral health as well as improved aesthetic appearance.

Invisalign patients love the convenient way these unobtrusive aligners fit into their lifestyles and are thrilled by their final transformations — benefits you could be enjoying soon.

Take look at these inspirational Invisalign patient stories to see how the system can make you beam blissfully.

Next steps

  • Pop in for a consultation with one of our friendly practitioners who’ll assess your requirements and design a tailor-made package that precisely meets your needs.
  • We can order your first set of aligners quickly — so you can start your treatment in no time at all.
  • We’ll closely monitor you throughout your treatment and offer regular check-ups.

When you want to achieve an attractive smile quickly and conveniently, Invisalign’s a superb solution.

If we’ve sparked your interest in Invisalign, give us a call on 0131 466 8206 or contact us online — a stunning new smile isn’t far away.


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