Child at a dental appointment

Kind and gentle — dental care for kids

The world’s most persuasive parents would struggle to convince children that a trip to the dentist is as delightful as a fortnight in Florida.

But our kind and gentle approach to dental care for kids ensures that their fears are minimised, oral care is optimised — and they might even have some fun.

Combining a calm environment with expert, child-friendly staff, we help parents take care of their family’s teeth from as early as possible — setting a firm foundation for lifelong smiles.

Start ASAP

NHS dental care is free if you’re under 18 or under 19 and in full-time education. But a healthy dental regime starts much earlier, so we recommend:

  • Bringing your child for their first check up at six months old.
  • Getting the basics right by ditching sugary drinks and brushing brilliantly.
  • Taking them for a check up at least once a year from the time they’re aged six — we’ll monitor the development of their teeth and intervene as early as possible with orthodontist advice or treatment.

Our approach

We encourage parents to prioritise their children’s oral health from the very beginning and provide you with all of the advice, guidance and expertise necessary to set them on the right path.

Benefits include:

  • Decades of experience in children’s dentistry, with the blend of expertise and empathy that puts them completely at ease.
  • High-tech treatments complement our caring approach — needle-free anaesthetic using ‘The Wand’ is just one outstanding example.
  • A 10 per cent discount on child orthodontic treatment for patients on our dental plan.

Navigating childhood isn’t easy. But our children’s dental service ensures poor oral health is one growing pain they don’t need to deal with.

To trigger terrific child tooth care, call 0131 466 8206 today.

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