Girl smiling, holding a smiley face balloon

Global grins — World Smile Day 2018

The smiley face icon was first created by Massachusetts commercial artist Harvey Ball in 1963.

And the beaming yellow ball has been busy ever since — from reminding us that ‘Glasgow’s Miles Better’ to transforming the way we text each other through emojis.

But Harvey originally envisaged it as a global symbol of happiness and good will — and as a reminder, decided in 1999 that the first Friday in October each year should be World Smile Day.

So this Friday 5th October, crack a cheesy grin and carry out as many random acts of kindness as possible.

Here are a few suggestions:

    • Make your partner an ‘all killer, no filler’ Spotify playlist packed with positive songs — an A-Z featuring everything from ‘A Beautiful Day’ by India Arie to ‘Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah’ by Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans.
    • Agree to take your kids to the movie they’ve been nagging you about after school.
    • Ask your neighbour if they need a hand picking up shopping in town.
    • Phone your parents for a cheery catch up.
    • Compliment someone who provides great customer service.
    • Donate some cash or goods to a local charity.
    • Write a cheeky limerick to cheer up your boss.

Sparkling Teeth

If you happen to be popping in to see us on #WorldSmileDay, expect an even cheerier reception than usual.

But we want to keep you smiling all year round by providing top-notch customer care and superb services including:

    • Dental implants
    • Teeth whitening
    • Facial aesthetics

If you want to grin from ear to ear with complete confidence, call us to chat about your options.

Between sparkling teeth and spreading good vibes, this Friday’s sure to be a belter.

For a stunning smile 365 days a year, call 0131 466 8206 for a chat today.

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