Elderly couple smiling at each other

Lifelong smiles — oral health for the elderly

The better you take care of your teeth, the longer they’ll last.

So with the right cleaning regime and dental support, there’s no reason you can’t keep your teeth for life.

But as more of us live longer, and age-associated conditions make it tougher to keep on top of dental hygiene, older people and those around them need to be particularly proactive.

Here’s some useful information on maintaining lifelong smiles.

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Dental hygienist chair & equipment

Dental hygiene — the root of robust tooth care

If you don’t address minor car niggles, they often become major problems by the time of your MOT.

And prevention’s better than cure when it comes to teeth care too — regular visits to your dental hygienist and a thorough cleaning regime are the foundation of lifelong healthy teeth and gums.

Dental hygiene is the root of outstanding oral health — here’s why.

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Do you really know how to clean your teeth? Here’s our advice

Any decent dentist will recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day.

But a recent YouGov survey revealed three in 10 Brits only brush once daily.

And what’s worse is that many of us brush incorrectly in the first place.

But there’s still time to rescue your smile— here are some pro tips on the best way to clean your teeth from our hygienist.

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