Girl smiling, holding a smiley face balloon

Global grins — World Smile Day 2018

The smiley face icon was first created by Massachusetts commercial artist Harvey Ball in 1963.

And the beaming yellow ball has been busy ever since — from reminding us that ‘Glasgow’s Miles Better’ to transforming the way we text each other through emojis.

But Harvey originally envisaged it as a global symbol of happiness and good will — and as a reminder, decided in 1999 that the first Friday in October each year should be World Smile Day.

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Fake teeth with braces

Orthodontics — fantastic functional and aesthetic teeth treatments

Orthodontic treatments improve the alignment and appearance of crowded or crooked teeth and correct any problems with an ineffective bite.

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Artis Dental have been shortlisted for the Schulke 2017 Infection Prevent and Control Awards

The team at Artis are excited to have been short listed for the Schulke 2017 Infection Prevention & Control Awards. This is a UK award for cross-infection procedures and control, which recognises the commitment of practices that go above and beyond what is expected. Its is judged by academics and the winner will be presented at the British Dental Industry Association (BDIA) in Birmingham’s NEC, end of October. Wish us luck!