Dental hygienist chair & equipment

Dental hygiene — the root of robust tooth care

If you don’t address minor car niggles, they often become major problems by the time of your MOT.

And prevention’s better than cure when it comes to teeth care too — regular visits to your dental hygienist and a thorough cleaning regime are the foundation of lifelong healthy teeth and gums.

Dental hygiene is the root of outstanding oral health — here’s why.

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Fake teeth with braces

Orthodontics — fantastic functional and aesthetic teeth treatments

Orthodontic treatments improve the alignment and appearance of crowded or crooked teeth and correct any problems with an ineffective bite.

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Invisalign brace

Secret smile — deft and discreet dental alignment from Invisalign

As well as providing exceptional customer care, Artis Dental track the latest cosmetic dentistry treatments to offer you bespoke solutions that restore and maintain beautiful smiles.

So we’re super excited to introduce you to Invisalign — clear, non-invasive teeth aligners that are so subtle you hardly know they’re there.

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Do you really know how to clean your teeth? Here’s our advice

Any decent dentist will recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day.

But a recent YouGov survey revealed three in 10 Brits only brush once daily.

And what’s worse is that many of us brush incorrectly in the first place.

But there’s still time to rescue your smile— here are some pro tips on the best way to clean your teeth from our hygienist.

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